Steam Diamond

The ecological power of steam cleaning

Steam Diamond is the best steam cleaner for domestic use.
Environmentally friendly, handy and lightweight, with digital display and LED lights.

Steam Diamond

Professional quality, at home

Just a little tap water is enough to clean thoroughly and quickly any surface in your household.
Steam Diamond’s boiler heats water to 171°C, with a pressure of 9 bars.
The result?
A jet of dry steam capable of sanitizing even the dirtiest surfaces and in all corners of the home, from the kitchen to bathrooms, from children’s play areas to carpets and sofas.

Compact and handy

Equipped with 4 pirouetting wheels, a practical handle and weighing only a few kilograms, Steam Diamond is easily transportable for unparalleled convenience.
The boiler also heats up very quickly.

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  • 7,8 Kg

    Net weight

  • 45 x 39 cm


Steam Diamond particolare rotella

Ecology, safety and savings

Using only dry steam without the addition of chemicals or detergents, Steam Diamond enables a healthy and environmentally friendly cleaning, avoiding skin irritation problems and leaving a clean environment.
The automatic refill also allows considerable water savings.

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  • 173 Gr/min

    Minimum setting

  • 224 Gr/min

    Maximum setting

Steam Diamond particolare calotta

High level of cleanliness

All kinds of surface are sanitized and refreshed.
With high-temperature dry steam, Steam Diamond can kill germs and bacteria, easily remove grease and sanitize both rough and smooth surfaces.

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  • 171°C

    Steam temperature

  • 800 W

    Iron power

Steam Diamond: pulitore a vapore per casa

Perfect for every surface

With Steam Diamond’s steam power the cleaning of carpets, floors, window panes or sanitizing faucets and stoves will give excellent results effortlessly.
Dry steam also does not wet fabrics, burn or leave moisture stains.

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steam diamond
willem brouwer

A design by Willem Brouwer

When I received the assignment to redesign the Steamitaly sphere appliance I spend days at numerous specialized department stores to make comparisons and to look for inspiration: I found none!
Observing again and again the Sphere sample in front of me suddenly the most timeless example of beauty occurred to me: the round brilliant cut diamond.
The Round Brilliant shape is renowned for its unrivaled fire, brightness and scintillation. The idea inspired the design and the name of the project.
…and Diamonds are Forever!

bozza disegno steam diamond
bozza disegno steam diamond
illustrazione steam diamond
illustrazione steam diamond

A diamond for your home

The name Diamond comes from its original design. The spherical dome is illuminated with LED lights that make the machine bright and lively, a perfect part of a modern design decor.


It is available in 3 colors.

Steam Diamond 101
Steam Diamond 105
Steam Diamond 103

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We are incurable optimists and want to help create a better, more livable environment for future generations. We believe that change starts with the little things.

Using the power of steam to clean and sanitize, instead of chemicals, is one of them.
Our network of dealers espousing this philosophy is worldwide and has enabled us to develop all the technology necessary to meet the technical parameters of each country.

Continuous technical training

All of our dealers are constantly updated to be best prepared.

Reserved prompt delivery

As our dealer, you can count on prompt delivery reserved just for you.



Do you have demanding customers? We can meet their demands with customized productions.

Official dealers

Importer for Belgium

Eco Diamond 💎
Venlosesteenweg 139
3640 Kinrooi
CEO Ben Saelen

All the accessories you need

Every corner of your home is easily accessible thanks to the various accessories the machine is equipped with, which are essential for the domestic sector.
Optionally, Steam Diamond can be equipped with additional accessories such as brushes, odor-eliminating dispensers, hoses or limescale removers.
To enable the easy transportation of all these accessories an optional trolley can be requested.

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